• Uhlovica Cave has been investigated by Chepelare cave club, which leader has been Dimitar Raychev. The cave is one of the oldest in the Rhodopies Mointain – over  3 500 000 years old. Uhlovica is a cave wich has 2 floors, 460m long that impresses with its numerous cave forms. Among  the stalactities and stalagmities there are strongly impressive forms called dendrites – these are forms that will make you feel  at the bottom of the ocean. The accessible part of the cave ends with snow white limestone waterfall and four  lakes, which are filled with water in the spring.
  • The official opening of the cave was on 8th September  1984. The altitude of the entrance is 1040 meters  (3412 ft). The displacement to the lowest point in the cave is 25meters (82ft). The temperature is constant 10oC (50o  F) The length of the accessible part of the cave is 330 meters (1082ft), which are walked through a path and 280 metal stairs.
  • From the parking to the entrance of the cave there is a 800 meters (2624ft) path followed by 190 metal stairs. The displacement from the parking to the entrance is 160 meters (524ft).
  • The cave is a habitation of 8 kinds of bats during different season of the year.
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